Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Exercise- Level 1 is a tough fat-blasting stomach exercise that employs a fail-safe combination of core-focused cardio circuits and ab-toning exercises that target numerous muscle teams all at once to enhance the metabolic process, slim the midsection, as well as carve rock-hard abdominals. Forget monotonous sit-ups and prepare to sweat as The U.S.A.’s hardest fitness instructor, Jillian Michaels takes you via this intense, ab-shredding exercise that begins with a

dynamic total-body warm-up, complied with by 2 complete core-strengthening cardio circuits that will target every area of the abs before finishing up with a relaxing, full-body stretch to take full advantage of results. Discover ways to shed fat as well as tone the whole body as you develop solid muscle mass as well as ripped definition. Form and also strengthen the arms, shoulders, breast, obliques, legs, butt, as well as back with this extremely effective 35 min workout from Jillian’s “6 Week Six-Pack” Physical

Six Pack Abs Workout

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Kim Woolwine

Comments 49

    1. you have to pull yourself up using your abs muscle not your neck .. if your
      neck hurts it means you pull yourself using your neck muscle.. hope this

    2. That is because u have just started working out.. better do some streching
      excersise before this work out.. But once u do it everyday it wont hurt any

  1. I started at weight 134. I’m now on week 6 for doing only this workout and
    at the happy weight of 123! I started off mixing this workout for 2 weeks
    with another of Jullian Michaels workout.
    Now it may not look like much but I ate REALLY bad the first 2 weeks of
    barely excersizing, the 3rd week(when I started excersizing only this) ate
    semi bad, every week after that having at least two reaally bad things two
    eat, ate at least 2 slices of pizza every weekend except for this one past
    weekend AND I ate fruit at the wrong times of day like in every meal
    instead of in between meals.Point is I ATE BAD! Excersize is only 20% part
    of weight loss and 80% is what we put into our bodies. This worked enough
    for me and I’m happy with my results. BUT!! I’M NOT DONE YET!!
    I also excerized while being BULLIED. Now I won’t name who they are but
    they’ve called me thick, weak, and mocked me. I don’t let myself, but I
    also don’t respond to them all the time. They live with me so I get bullied
    constanstly even when I eat, but especially when I excersize. BUT I KEPT
    GOING!!! I guess I want to say Do Your Best! Stay Healthy!…And……KEEP
    GOING!!!! (^` , ‘^)/

  2. This is the definition of sweat like a pig. I’ve been doing this for 5
    weeks and I still sweating as hell, aahahahha just love this. Greetings
    from Brazil <3

  3. Hi, I’m Maddy, I lost 15 pounds so far and I’m still going, I encourage you
    to never give up, I am so happy with this work out and I feel that will be
    happier in the future about myself, so don’t give up and keep trying

    1. I’m trying to lose weight right now so bad and nothing is working with me.
      Can you please tell me how did you lose 15 pounds?

  4. It’s so amazing but u cnt do it alone .Wth me I do this twice a day n ver
    early in the morning I do jogging for 1 hr Blv me am loosing weight.

    1. Yea you can do it alone with proper diet is only when it will work you can
      try jogging to kick it up a notch Bt if it’s too much just do this because
      this incorporates interval workouts which can be highly effective than some
      because you are touching up calories at a fast and high intensity pace.😉

  5. I got 7 minutes in before being forced to stop, because I’m just that out
    of shape. Let’s bookmark this and make my goal the completion of the entire

  6. I did this workout everyday for 2 months and I lost 30 pounds without
    running just eating healthy and doing this workout!

    1. katarakx chully 1200! I was full by just eating salad, lots of fruits,
      drank lots of water, and i ate a lot of eggs and drank smoothies! I cut
      down on carbs like white rice, cereal, pasta etc

    2. hey nicole, did you eat 1200 calories without regard that you worked out?
      because my fitness app tells me to eat 1200 plus the calories I burned from
      workout, so with a 45 minutes workout it would be around 400 calories more,
      so 1600. thanks in advance for your answer!

  7. She speaks always about “6 weeks”, but how often is needed? Once a week?
    Everyday for 6 weeks? I have no idea…

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