Butt Workout Exercises 1: Tone Up

Butt Workout Exercises 1: Tone Up from BUTT LIFT is an intense lower body workout that concentrates particularly on the glutes to burn fat, tighten the abs, tone the legs, and also shape a strong and also shapely butt. Blast away calories and also slim the waistline, hips, thighs, as well as calf bones as you raise and tone your booty. Join Specialist Instructor & “Booty Bible” Author, Alicia Marie in this concentrated, target-toning strength workout, and first installation from the all brand-new “One Month Butt Raise” Exercise Program, only on BeFit! Equipment needed: mat, a light set of hand weights, and also a durable chair.
Find out the trick to accomplishing a lean and also defined lower-body from among the very best as Alicia takes you through a fancy collection of squats, lunges, stretches, bridges, supermans, and also kick-backs. Emphasis your breathing, increase your balance, and enhance the hamstrings, as you tone as well as isolate every muscle mass in the butt. This workout is wonderful for all skill degrees and could be customized by changing weight. These one-of-a-kind exercises will spark your weight-loss possibility, develop stamina, and extend the hip flexors, quads, and also back to take full advantage of outcomes as well as leave you looking your outright ideal.


Butt Workout Exercises 1.
TOOLS: Floor covering, Strong chair, a 5-15 extra pound hand weight/dumbbell (PLUS: towel, water).

EXERCISE MOVES AND ALSO REPEATING (‘ reps’) in this workout:.
2. BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT – 15 representatives PER LEG( you may desire to start with 10 reps and also work up to 15).
3. LATERAL LUNGE WITH REACH – 15 representatives per side/leg.

* STANDING STRETCH QUADS/HIP FLEXORS * – hold 10-15 seconds each leg.

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* FLOORWORK * (floor covering required).
4. BASIC LYING BRIDGE – 15 reps.
5. BRIDGE WITH LEG INCREASE – 15 associates each leg.
6. SUPERMAN – 4 ‘lifts’ at 3 ‘stretched second’ counts each.

* KICKBACK COLLECTION * (on all fours).
8. CROSSOVER STRAIGHT LEG KICKBACK – 10 representatives, each lift in the ‘crossover’ is a rep.
* BE sure to finish the bent leg ‘set’ FIRST – then do the ‘crossover collection’ for that leg BEFORE starting the bent leg/crossover established for the contrary leg! Butt Workout Exercises

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Kim Woolwine

Comments 61

    1. Hi, Eva! If you wanted to tone up the muscles in your body and slim down,
      then the workouts on BeFit channel is definitely for you! We have playlists
      with different workout series as well as videos targeting different parts
      of your body. Just click on the original profile for more videos.

    2. you need to stop eating sugar bread and bad food swap with juicing all the
      fruit vegys you can salads water like yur never have if you want to really
      lose weight be ready to look sexy though do treadmil fast walking alot.

  1. I love when you do a workout and you’re like “wow this is so easy” and then
    you wake up the next morning and EVERYTHING HURTS *cries* at least I know
    it’s effective haha

  2. Been doing them for 2 months and everyone sees a huge difference! I’m
    addicted to this workout right now. I’m male btw.

    1. +Allicia Richab I don’t know.. I used to do this workout 4 times per week
      and it made my butt look very good 😉 Right now I’m doing another
      excercises with more weight etc

    2. Samurai Jack How long did it take you to actually start noticing a
      difference? Did it get more fuller, toned, firm, bigger?

    3. I think it took me abaout half a month. My butt got more toned. To get it
      bigger or Fuller you should add some weitghts.

  3. i cant do the “superman” because my hip bones stick out and it hurts to be
    lying on my stomach like that

  4. I did this only 4 times and I noticed a huge difference I had no idea it
    would be that effective. My butt looks completely different. Now I’m doing
    it again.

    1. Sylvi batwoman beginner start from 3 sets is ok, at a consistent reps to
      strengthen & condition ur body so that u can know if it’s easier to do and
      that if u improve to prepare urself for the upcoming training:) haha rest
      for a minute and finish ur sets . Have fun

    1. Depends on your starting point. If your butt is very small to start with,
      it will probably get a bit bigger, if you tend to store more fat on your
      butt, it will probably get a bit smaller.
      Generally though, this will only tone and lift your butt, making it more
      firm. If you want it to get bigger, use weights.

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